Quality Assurance

Quality assurance comes in at different stages ofwork; from preliminary planning to actual operation.

General perception that quality assurance only comes in place during the fabrication is totally wrong, For instance a wrong method being selected in the construction poses a potential hazard that is beyond the control of the operation team.

As the equipment supplier our roles in quality assurance comes in as early as the proposal stage. We handle it all the way from the design stage to the operation at site. Each stage must be handled with care to avoid problems being brought to the site.

a. Design

As part of the control procedure HCR has our own design checking team in Malaysia. In some cases a local professional engineer will be engaged to do a third level of design check and to certified the drawings to the local requirements.

b. Material

HCR only takes material from reliable source. Our supplier has been together with us for many years and they have good record in supplying good quality materials. For electrical parts we order the components with CE certification, For United States the electrical components will be UL certified.

c. Welder

Our welder are highly qualified and certified with AWSD1.5 Bridge Welding Code. We are using third party checker to counter check our welding quality.

d. Testing

As part of the quality assurance HCR carry out full scale assembly and load testing in the factory before delivery.

Testing is carried out in 3 stages

1. Fitting testing

2. Functionality test

3. Loading Test (125% static 1 10% dynamic)Documentation

A well-presented operation manual is very essential. It enhances the technical knowledge transferring procedure from the supplier to the contractor and further to their operation team. Therefore reducing the risk of mishandling during the operation. HCR makes use of 3D modeling in our design as well as communication with our client. These 3D drawings are being used as a better illustration in the operation manual. In South America we translate the operation manual into Spanish.

e. Commissioning

Commissioning is an important process. This process ensures the contactor will be able to operate the equipment safely by themselves. HCR offer extended services. In some cases we have technician present for the whole construction duration as part of the condition needed by the contractor.


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