Launching Gantry (Balance Cantilever)

Balance Cantilever Construction with Precast Segmental Bridge using Launching Gantry is an economical solution when it comes to high pier combined with difficult terrain. Therefore bridges crossing deep valley or the approach bridge for a Main Bridge with high Navigation Clearance are the best fit for this type of construction method.

In urban development mobile crane can be used to erect the segments. But still a LG will provide better solution as the overhead construction interferes less with the traffic underneath.

a. Segment Delivery

Segment can be delivered from rear, on the top of completed bridge or from below (above water or land).Delivery from the rear provides a better solution when it comes to high pier and difficult terrain. Box segment a very good access immediately upon completion of installation for the transportation.

b. lighting

 Night work is very common in urban construction therefore a good lighting is essential.

c. Cantilever Stability

Main Truss can be utilized to stabilize the Balance Cantilever Bridge during construction. This prevents the usage of massive temporary support therefore enhance safety and speed. The design of the Main Truss that is used for stabilizing the Balance Cantilever Bridge has to take accident load into account and inmost of the cases this does not burden the original design.

d. Spreader Beam

Spreader Beam is used for lifting and aligning the Segments into position. A fully automated Spreader Beam is essential to handle the segment safely without breaking any precast shear key. A good spreader beam has to have these basic functions.

1.Tilting the segments up to the desired angle with additional tolerance on both planes

2.Rotating the segments with an angle larger than 180on plan

3.Operated with Remote Control